About the Community category

This is where we present thoughts and information on the Community programme of meet.coop, and discuss how it can evolve - its general intentions and principles, and its three specific theads of content.

Documentation for the programme lives in NextCloud:

Channels of communication in the Community - this forum is the main one - are described here:

Thanks for creating Commmunity.
I don’t think I have permission to add a category to a thread - for example Working as a community. Can we change the existing category - Prod Circle - to Community? Not terribly fluent in Discourse bells & whistles.

D’you think the other (sub?)category on that thread - Growing community - is still useful, or is it now effectively absorbed by Community (which refers to all proto-circle activity)? That category does have a whole bunch of threads in it, not all of which is ‘community’, some is Product for example? So I guess that category continues?