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Here we develop a discussion on how to handle documentation of practices and protocols in the spaces that meet.coop provisions, including the platform (BBB, Discourse, etc), our media channels (including the way this forum works) and our live venues (including user-facing governance practices, for example).

In due course we hope to handle this thro a handbook. This forum also plays a continuing part in handling FAQs and users’ inquiries. But just how does all this mesh together, exactly? This thread is the place to figure this out.

Responding to a new user’s comments on their group’s first experience of using BBB, I found myself writing this:

I think at this point we’re not where we want to be, as regards straightforward FAQs and enquiry/fault reporting channels. Working on a handbook is one of the tasks we’re undertsking as part of commons.hour.

In the meantime, the meet.coop forum is the place to go, do sign in. It’s a bit random, as forums tend to be. But again, we mean to tighten this up and use it more effectively as part of the commons.hour process, in tandem with a handbook:
BBB Product Feedback
Audio&Video connection errors
Using BigBlueButton - FAQ

So, for starters . . are those links above the best starting points for users’ enquries, right now? If not, what? Do we need a defined starting point for enquries?

As regards a handbook, we have a trial version that we mean to bootstrap thro the commons.hour process over coming months. Feedback is welcome here.

At the time of posting, that gitBook account is frozen. But should be live again shortly. gitBook has been adopted short-term, as a development platform. In due course we perhaps will need some documentation platform that we host ourselves, but what floss software to host is unclear at this point: another ‘tools’ discussion to follow through on this?

Good questions Mike - we do need to make this easier for users to find answers to common Qs.
IMHO the first place to point people should be FAQ – The Online Meeting Cooperative
(which we need to keep adding to… unless we elect to build a better FAQ somewhere else, like in a GitBook), then the Forum (on which we should have 1 clear category for User questions and feedback… which we can paste out of into the FAQ above as answers are written)

I like what you have done with the GitBook - and do think those types of systems are best for Docs in the long run… but wonder if maybe we should have a separate one for Commons.hour and How to / Docs in order to keep the How to / Docs as easy to navigate as possible… and to avoid confusing User members with other info.

Yes, that makes sense to me. commons.hour is an ‘experimental’ space, and will evolve over at least a year before becoming ‘authoritative’ (ie containing the agreed protocols for the working of the coop). FAQs is a different function (an operational function). In due course the latter might become a subset of the former?

Do you feel in a position to make a move on this FAQ issue? Already there are three centres of attention - three ‘media’ spaces (async, text-based spaces):

  • website FAQ FAQ – The Online Meeting Cooperative - the public facing quick reference documentation - for not-yet members? for current members? Both I guess?
  • Forum FAQ thread - still to be designated (and linked-to from the website FAQ? and signposted inside Forum?). For live queries.
  • FAQ handbook - a ‘grownup’ reference version of the website quick FAQ page? Treat this too as a working prototype, for an initial period?

Is now the time to make a move to rationalise and formalise this trio? This is Prod Circle, yes? Is it in the work plan? It’s a design task. Pleased to collaborate but Prod Circle needs to hold the portfolio.

D’you have a feel about the ‘container’ for a handbook? I’m now paying for a gitBook account, at least until the handbook development phase is through - with @wouter and me as ‘owners’ of that documentation space (aka Community circle). Possibly we could migrate to something else for the long term? maybe self-hosted. I can easily create another team space within that account, for an FAQ handbook. With Prod Circle as ‘owners’.

That all makes sense to me Mike
The “trio” sounds like the right set…
Yes, Prod should probably manage it
Yes, let’s work on an gitBook FAQ and then link to it when we have built up sufficient info…

If someone felt like copying and pasting out the useful Qs which we have already answered I can add them to the website…

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