Agaric's Community Bridge &

Today I had a call with the Agaric team ( member since 2020). Micky Metts who is running their Community Bridge project couldn’t make it, but Sanjay and Chris Thompson were there.

CommunityBridge is a WordPress installation with BBB plugin connecting to a dedicated BBB server. They would rather like to cut some costs and have provision a dedicated server. The server is currently having 112 rooms for (smaller) meetings, where the room admins manage access through WP.

They also have a US dial-in number (from Twilio). And they’d like to be on the latest BBB version (currently their Client build: 2518, which seems to link to BBB 2.4.4).

We also talked about the possibility to use a multi-user account but as that connects to a shared server, it wouldn’t be integrated with WP.

Another option, maybe more interesting for all users in the Americas would be if Agaric would pay for a dedicated server that we would add to a Scalelite cluster, i.e. adding to our existing Koumbit server. They wouldn’t have a problem with that, in fact it would make much sense to find such common benefits.

If we’d like to explore the cluster option, we’d need to find a solution for the WP connection though.