BBB down: Invalid BigBlueButton Endpoint and Secret

For Agaric right now (and for at least an hour and a half) every page on Greenlight is giving an “Invalid BigBlueButton Endpoint and Secret” error message.

Happening for everyone or just us? Just had to do client call on Micky’s alternative CommunityBridge.

What’s the best way to report this? Is there a help desk or an issue queue or just this forum? Or the “Report Issue” link in Greenlight that goes to ColloCall | BigBlueButton-Hosting in Deutschland ?

Also, are there plans to add a page?

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Our matrix chat says “Issue is resolved”. But not the issue of the help desk or issue queue, visible to user-members when they get error messages. Why am I - a nonTechcircle and non-Productcircle member - posting this is an ad-hoc thread in the forum? All-hands or Productcircle needs to field this, for good?

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Hi @mlncn, as Mike says below we don’t have a clear channel to report technical issues, and we should!

I have just posted a short report on today’s incident here.

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