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My name is Nicolás and I am a member of Fiqus, which is also part of FACTTIC, a federation of technology cooperatives.

I am writing here because together with other cooperatives in the federation we are working on a potential opportunity to organize a cooperative hackaton. In case the opportunity materializes, we would like to use the service for participants to interact through an instance of Big Blue Button.

Therefore we are interested in knowing what the monthly / annual cost might be for the service. It is important to mention that we would need the room to support between 100 and 200 people connected at the same time (approximately).

I spoke with @chris to ask him, but he suggested that I should start a thread with this topic since you didn’t have the pricing of the service defined yet.

Finally, it’s important to mention that besides this particular opportunity, it would be very useful for us to know the costs since we would like to support a video call platform maintained by a cooperative so we don’t have to use Google or Zoom services as the only option.



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Hi @nicolasdimarco! thanks for sharing your interest here.
At first sight the proposed Medium service level would seem to cover your needs. Notice that we are in the process of nailing down the service definition and this is so far a proposal.

As you mention one hackaton, maybe you would need the Medium service level just once and the price would be too high for you to maintain the whole year. We are also defining an event specific service proposition, as @benhylau suggests in the linked thread. Then the idea could be that you join as members and choose the service level you’d like for the whole year and additionally request the Events service just for a few days or so.

Please let us know how we could help you best.


Hi @wouter,

Thank you very much for your answer.

Yes, I think that if you have a kind of annual subscription, a monthly subscription and an event subscription it would be great. Since we could use the service when we need it.

All the best,

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