Business plan for

I’m wondering if anyone has done any modelling about the financials for

For example, I think it would be really interesting to look at some numbers for:

  • Number of concurrent users the existing servers can handle
  • Cost to rent / buy these servers
  • Sys Admin costs to keep these servers up and running
  • Any other costs
  • Possible price points for offering video services to individuals
  • Possible price points for offering video services to orgs (if we can / want to differentiate this way!?)
  • etc

Once we have a few of these numbers we could work out a business plan and P&L and design a draft marketing plan…

I imagine that, if it was designed and marketed effectively - could generate enough income to pay everyone who contributes to essential tasks quite well… AND generate a healthy surplus which could be invested in the development of further tools to expand’s growth and potential… whilst also empowering a community of collaborators with similar values. This is something I have wanted to help build for a LONG time - and I would be very interested in working on the business planning and marketing side of things in order to try and help make a success! :slight_smile:

If anyone can provide me with some numbers for any of the above, no matter how draft, it will enable us to start developing a possible business plan for discusion…



I think part of the equation might depend on robust redundancy and fallback design. If we can do that, I think we will be able to throw in various cheap nodes and even ask the users to throw in their own servers. (We will need to work out how pricing may work for such cases - it might be similar to household renewable power sale to the grid)

I am not sure whether BBB can do these or we need to develop our own software.

Anyway, I think the operational cost estimate might differ hugely depending on how we optimize our video conference system

I think the operational cost estimate might differ hugely depending on how we optimize our video conference system

That is of course very true!
What I was hoping for was a rough idea of the current costs for what we have set up now - which we know worked OK for OPEN - and could probably have handled more… at least if we have some basic costs we can work out possible pricing based on a cost + margin model.

I think the idea of people providing servers etc is great - but is for further down the line once we have some income and know how we want to evolve…

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Yes, I totally agree. I am no expert can only speculate :sweat_smile: but if I may:

  • $5.99 / mo kind of basic, oversold, best-effort-basis service for the multi-stakeholder members. The members also agree that they are taking part in this experiment and will take part in future updates of service fees and terms

  • Negotiable prices for events (like Open)

Sorry, not very much information but that’s what came to my mind :sweat_smile:

I would estimate that the current server could handle around 200 concurrent users, but the most we have had so far is around 55 and I’m not sure how many of those 55 concurrent users had their webcams on and this was only when one room was in use. I have been posting some graphs from the server on this thread:

We have has considerable support from Koumbit and @Sebas891, they have provided and provisioned the server and the VPS for a non-commercial cost, on a trial basis, as an experiment and we have been asked not to make the amount we are going to be charged by them public — they are a “producer member” of the co-op, perhaps this information could be shared on a private thread?

The has been provided at no cost to us by The Digital Life Collective, the server has been provided at no cost by FOSSHOST and the and development servers have been provided by Webarchitects, no money has been exchanged for any of these servers.

Only a few people have been tracking their time using our time tracker:

Of the time recorded there from when it was setup on 7th May 2020 to 21st June 2020 there is a total of 212 hours recorded, of these 112 are recorded as DevOps / sysadmin.

We have been trying to keep track of these on the contributions wiki page but I expect there are lots of things missing from there.

My feeling is that the the best and most relevant information to answer your question might actually be in the hands of ColloCall as they are several months ahead of us in the provision and selling of BigBlueButton based services, perhaps @hng might be able to share some information on this if we create a private thread for it?