In this thread we develop thoughts and suggestions on commons.hour, a monthly venue for multistakeholder contribution in the governance of

commons.hour will be hald 4th Monday of each month, in this room at 18:00 GMT. For updates, see this thread.

commons.hour events are advertised and participants can register here, in Mobilizon. Please register, it helps us know how big the meeting will be, and decide on facilitation.

A draft version of the handbook is here in gitBook

In the past half year, the focus has moved from Community programme (which was proving a bit too diffuse and time-demanding as an approach) to commons.hour, pulling a focus on our multistakeholder governance practice, and how to get there.

This reframing has been shaped partly by the bid for funding from European Community Fund:

Some documentation will be published shorlty, with links here. It takes the form of a first-cut version of a handbook for, and for commons.hour as a project. Watch this space.

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Here’s an invitation to participate in commons.hour.

Commons.hour is a design venue hosted by what will be designed here is the multistakeholder governance practice of a digital infrastructure coop,

Please circulate. And participate RSVP :wink:

The invite is embedded in a draft handbook for, in gitBook. The project will evolve the draft into final (by evolving commons.hour as a ‘venue’ within’s governance practice) and extract a Constitution from this, ready for to incorporate as a coop and run an initial General Assembly.

All open to evolve . . but trial protocols of commons.hour include:

  • commons.hour is a monthly meeting held on the second Monday at xxx ECT

  • the meeting lasts for 60 minutes

  • the meeting takes place here commons.hour

  • commons.hour has extra.time of 30 minutes afterwards, for informal connections and follow-through (including offers-&-wants) among whoever chooses to stay

  • commons.hour and extra.time are facilitated

  • meetings normally are in English language

  • the standard format is 20min presentations followed by 40min open exchange

From: commons.hour - the venue in the trial handbook

English is currently still the dominant language in our encounters, but I think it’s good to express that we’d be happy to facilitate multi-lingual sessions, in case volunteers commit to do simultaneous translation/interpretation, before the session start. This could be with live written subtitles in the same room or with audio in a parallel room. Again, this (commitment) should be known prior to the start to avoid wasting much time from the session agenda.

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