CommonsCloud reseller programme - 2021 results

Hi all!

the spreadsheet linked below has all invoces generated by CommonsCloud for the backed service at All invoices have dates in 2021 except a single 2020 invoice is dated on 29/12/2020 that covers the whole 2021 year.

We invoced a total of 1.575,54 € (VAT excl.) to a total of 10 users. Most of those are smaller organizations, only one of them went for a multiuser account (which was also deployed at CommonsCloud’s servers). As per last year’s agreement, 50% of that revenue should go back to, which is 787,77 €.

As we have discussed several times before, it is a problem for femProcomuns to have invoices without a valid tax ID according to EU VAT rules. One way around that would be for femProcomuns to pay’s bills up to that amount, either directly or to another member org that is already paying them.