Could current existing code please be added to

I note that on

It states:

Code - We host all our code at the cooperative GitLab instance at

But at present I don’t think that is actually true.

( is also linked to from Code in the main menu top right too, of course).

Please could those repos be updated to include our code current running code? (which I think is the now maybe the same a Collocall code @hng?). I think at present that repo still just the stuff @decentral1se and @chris worked on?


Good point. AFAIK, there is still a running discussion on opening up sources used internally at Collocall with regard to competition and licensing. All super valid points from what I understand. This doesn’t mean things will not go the way of getting all sources in the open at some point but there are still some things to decide on. I’m a bit out of the loop these days but hopefully this is not completey wrong :wink:

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Ok thanks for the update Luke would like to get more clarity on this in due course.

For me part of the whole point of is to create commons and for me part of that is insuring that our code is itself an open commons.

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