Expanded 'trinity'

While NextCloud is not a service meet.coop offers to its user members right now (only for operations), several founding members do offer that as a cooperative service.

femProcomuns/CommonsCloud.coop in EU, Webarchitects in UK, CollectiveTools in EU, MayFirst in North America, DigLife in North America, and then several others who are not yet members but engaged in these kind of cooperative cloud services.

@camille if you find more ethical service providers on this front, please do share them here. We could also organise some community session, maybe run a survey, use the excuse to reach out to the wider community and so on…

With regard to assembling a toolstack, @benhylau notes a relevant issue here https://forum.meet.coop/t/grants-fwd-cos-infodemic-expression-of-interest-selected/619/11

when you stitch two pieces of half-functional things together