Long delay and failures in echo test

We’ve been having trouble recently with the echo test, which would never complete (for some users), or just be slow (for some others). It’s not constant: for example it just happened here, I reloaded the page and it went through.

This started happening since last week: last monday I had a call and don’t remember having that problem. Is this something that you folks are aware of?

Note: this might be similar to the following issues:


… but the former is about three different problems and the latter is from september, while the issue only started recently (ie. it was okay last monday).

It’s been pretty slow on echo tests for me a lot, but maybe it has been even slower the past couple weeks, now that you mention it.

Having Big Blue Button remember audio settings and skip repeated echo tests would get rid of most of the annoyance for me, but wondering if i finally filed that issue just over two weeks ago because the slowness increased.

Echo tests have completed eventually for everyone at Agaric i think— no failures. We also use an instance of BigBlueButton that Micky has set up at CommunityBridge with echo test turned off, which is nicer in some ways but without a way to trigger the echo test easily when you want to, probably not better.

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Failures in echo test:

Tech Circle has been at work trying to figure out what is going on, how these issues started to appear seemingly out of nowhere.

We had a meeting yesterday to try to balance the increasing number of reported issues, and the fact that holidays are here with most groups are running on skeleton crews (and we don’t want to risk breaking things more during this time).

More information at Current issue with microphones on meet.coop

Long Delays: I have seen no reason no rhyme to this. Some days echo test seems super fast, other times seems to take forever with the same setup. :crossed_fingers: Fingers crossed this will be less of an issue on the new server.

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