I think something like this is a good idea.

I have failed to write the Ansible to enable us to start running multiple Greenlight containers by 1st July, it is probably going to be a week late. Perhaps all we should aim to do for July is provide Greenlight containers for members? And once we know how that is working and what the usage looks like and perhaps we have some additional monitoring setup we then decide on our next steps?

We still need to agree on the Service Levels. Chris made a great start in the wiki, which I adjusted to make it somewhat more in line with the ColloCall prices. But I read doubts at your part, let me cite from the Systems architecture thread:

Now, I think people will want to know what they get before making any level of contribution. If we tell them “you need to pay between 20 and 200 a month, depending on to be defined and implemented usage statistics” they walk away. In fact, many are asking for such definition.

Also the ColloCall prices and service level definitions are rather ok, isn’t it?

In Open App Ecosystem Loomio I posted thoughts about the state of ‘rooms’ technology, referring to Greenlight and the configurability of BBB rooms.

A query came in

Glad to see this more detailed feedback about the Open2020 BBB experience. I had, unfortunately, recommended it to OSHWA based on the earlier report of a successful experience. And I also see that has decided to join which hosts BBB sessions.

Should I rescind my recommendation?

Here are some clips from my response . . is working hard on formulating its service offering . . A lot will rest at first on fair-use agreements . . The BBB tech itself works, no problem, the challenges are more about the large-scale administration of the front end . . In the next month, in, things will firm up membership-wise and offering-wise.

The thread is here.