for June 27: General Assembly for worker coop think tank in Japan


I have been approached by a friend at a Japanese worker coop think tank called JICR ( ) regarding the potential use of for their General Assembly on June 27. Due to Covid-19, the formal resolutions will be made on paper ballot - thus, this meeting will be for the accompanying online interaction between the think tank and its members.

20 participants plan to join so far but the number of participants can grow to 50 or less.

However, it is expected it will be mostly broadcast rather than bidirectional.

Following Open Coop 2020, I think this will be another excellent opportunity to showcase!

Including this friend, approximately 10 of us have used Hypha’s BBB successfully for a few times for our informal weekly brainstorming sessions.

Can we use the same infrastructure we prepared for Open Coop 2020?

My contact is considering to suggest in their meeting on June 16.


Sorry they decided go with Zoom this time because of the tight schedule. But at least they now know about so they might consider using it for other events in the future :smile:

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