Now we have agreed some service levels and ways of taking money it’s time to start working on marketing - YAY! :wink:

I propose we replace the existing website with a Wordpress which will make it easy to deploy new pages, edit existing pages, add and customize our own theme, add new plugins and updates etc as we develop…

Does anyone have any objection to this?


I think the existing jekyll site has a lot of advantages. To author content, you literally write a plain text file like this and then this page comes out on the website. There are a lot of advantages to using jekyll over Wordpress (cost of tech maintenance, possible things that can go wrong, etc.) I can talk more about it on call, but for now I just prefer to not request any infra work unless absolutely necessary. The jekyll site is setup, and it’s easy to work with for designers.

That said, I am not working on the website. I think @petter mentioned he wants to help with that, so I will not block any decision here.


It’s definitely easier for editors and marketeers to use WP over jekyll - too many reasons and benefits to list in fact… I’d be happy to set up a WP - we don’t need to rely on sys admins to do this…
But we do need them to let us in to be able to edit the jekyll site - while we decide exactly how to set up a marketing web site - so that we can add a pricing table with links to the OC page - so that people can start buying stuff…
@chris (or anyone else if you can!) please can you set @melissamcnab and myself (and anyone else that might need it!?) with access to be able to edit the site? - people can check out now via: but we need to frame and explain the proposition and add some C2A buttons…


It would take me around 15 minutes to add a WordPress site to the meet shared hosting account on the Webarchitects server which is hosting the static site, the time tracker and Nextcloud. This could be done using a sub-domain such as while the site is being developed.

To edit the Jekyll site you need a account, see this thread for that:


I think co-authoring Markdown content like this and then porting to jekyll is a nice workflow, and changes can be easily tracked and reviewed. However, I also understand familiarity and the array of wp plugins may be important for marketing and sales.

Again, I believe the people signing up to this work should decide. I am happy if y’all make a decision here or we can quickly decide this at our call. My vote is to abstain regardless :slight_smile:

Have you discussed design and theming at the latest meetings and who can commit to it? For me that takes like 10 times more time to do the frontend for Wordpress and I wouldn’t have time for it… I usually use a plugin for Jekyll for non coders to make the editing easier if that is needed, like
But if there is a wp theme that we are super happy with and that’s not to default looking that’s fine.

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We talked about scheduling working group meetings and @melissamcnab said she can start wireframing if I remember correctly. Perhaps #product-strategy-and-services can find a time to sync up before meeting?

From the last meeting, the membership is:


I hear great things about forestry, out of Prince Edward Island, Canada :slight_smile: do you know how it compares with jekyll-admin and for non-coders, especially how media assets are uploaded?

In my experience, is confusing and unusable, whereas jekyll-admin still needs a little bit of tech knowledge since it’s local. Is forestry like jekyll-admin, but hosted and can connect your own repo, and has more polished UI?

I’m keen to hear what @melissamcnab thinks - as she offered to work on website.
I’m keen to start working on getting our offers onto the website, with some short, crisp copy and a smooth UX / journey… and Wordpress would be my preferred solution / suggestion for this - which would also make it easy for other marketeers / social media folks and (any non Git) people to collaborate on blogging and web updates as we go fwd.

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I’m happy to start wire framing with the help of a discussion on what needs to be there and what features we would like :slight_smile:

As for the wordpress part, I offered to theme it as I have experience working with wordpress. It’s quick and easy to use - however happy to work in other ways but might take me a bit longer to figure out.

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I think how we can forward is:

  1. @melissamcnab @petter to fill out the time poll for weekly meetings Purpose of the Product Strategy and Services circle
  2. Make sure the first meeting has @melissamcnab @petter @osb in there to decide:
    • who’s doing what
    • what tools to use
    • what content will go on to the website

It looks like the standing meeting will be Fri, which I will miss this week and the next, but I think most importantly the 3 ppl above listed can make it.

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The Forestry/Jekyll combination looks appealing to me - definitely needs some front end to keep the command lines out of sight :stuck_out_tongue: But $30 per month for <5 users. @osb d’you have any hunches here, front-end, collaborative writing-wise?

Looks to me like we may need a Product/service circle sprint around this authoring stuff? @benhylau @melissamcnab

During today’s All Hands, these members indicated they need access to our jekyll repo: @melissamcnab @osb @Andreas @Yasuaki. Currently these members have access to add accounts to repos after accounts are created at

Looking at the docs, it seems the deployment is done like this:

All commits to the master branch are automatically built using a custom Docker container and automatically deployed to the staging site where the changes can be checked and if there are no mistakes then a manual action can be triggered to update the live site, see the pipelines page and the deploy:production button:

The pipelines page 404 for me perhaps bc I am not a member. I see that I also need to fork to edit a page. I propose we add everyone who needs to modify content as a member to the jekyll repo, but limit to a few people who can “merge to master” or “deploy to production”. (If we decide to use jekyll over wordpress.)

@hng also needs access but perhaps for all the repos rather than the jekyll.

In an email @chris notes that access to is available only to members of Webarchitects. Since members of the Product circle in general may need to edit the website via Jekyll, I’ve drawn the attention of @wouter @petter to this organisational anomaly. Awaiting resolution.

That’s indeed how it works for Webarchitects gitlab server ( you need to be member of Webarchitects to have your domain whitelisted and be able to register an account. That’s their policy. BUT, I think @Chris has also whitelisted the domain, so if we register a email address for the Product/Services Circle, they should be able to 1) register a account and 2) could send/receive email at a mail address. This should be handled with care, but also should the inclusion of people in the circle be handled with a similar care, right?

Another discussion is whether git-Jekyll is the ideal methodology for publishing a multilingual website. Recall that @chris has offered in several occasions, and even last week’s Thursday at the end of All Hands, that he’d be happy to quickly deploy a WordPress instance. We need to go multilingual without doubt (or is there?) and also for other reasons WP can be more practical:

  • rich text editing
  • (complex) forms work well in WP (with the Caldera Forms engine)
  • multilanguage and translations
  • blogs
  • event calendars
  • possible integrations with BBB

Well, I’m happy to see what you have in mind for the website structure.