Purpose of the Product circle

Not sure how this thread will evolve. Initially I intended it as a specific call, to attend to some foundational definitions. I’m inclined to leave it a while, and discover what kinds of further content finds its home here (and in the other parallel thread).


Got an invatation, but cant seem to join :S tried to choose a name but didnt work. I’m joinng for meeting tho

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Just to be sure, at what time will we have our meeting today and in what room?

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My understanding is in 80 minutes - 11:00 BST at main room with wouter signature. Right, @mikemh ? :smile:

I now see it in Matrix, indeed:
12h CEST Product Circle
13h CEST Organisational Circle

Looking forward to that :slight_smile:

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Ah, I’ve never actually tried that.

Re Nextcloud WYSYWIG markdown, that’s just how I was describing it, it’s actually just called Nextcloud Text

Yeah, it has all (or at least most of) that stuff these days.

But seems like people are up for trying Nextcloud Deck in first instance (although that is very basic in terms of feature set).

Sounds reasonable to me, but note I’m not (currently) one of the people who will be using these tools, I’m ‘just’ an active lurker, supporter and your first customer-member :smiley: (i.e. aside from @mikemh I’m the first to contribute on the Meet.Coop Open Collective :smiley: )

Um, go ahead! :stuck_out_tongue:

I was a big advocate/ fan of OAE stuff but not really been watching/ involved in that group much for a while now.

It’s not really about it being ‘better’. It just the reality is billions of people primarily interact with the Internet/ apps using their mobile phones. I much prefer (and mostly do) doing stuff on my laptop, but it’s still important to me that things work on mobile for those times when I need to do something and I’m not at my laptop. But lots of people don’t even have a laptop.