Requesting Wiki Accounts

Please post requests in this thread for account creation on the Online Meeting Co-operative wiki, existing admins are able to create a accounts by using the create account page (the account creation page only works for wiki admins).

After account creation the user rights form can be used to add the user to the Administrators group (to allow users to create accounts for others) and potentially the Bureaucrats group to allow users to create other Administrators.

You don’t need to post your email address in this thread if you are happy with the email address you used to create an account on this forum being used for your wiki account. If you would like an alternative email address used please an admin private message containing it.

I would like a wiki account and/or allow
I guess our partnership is yet to be formalized…

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Hi @jimscarver you should have a email asking you to set your Mediawiki password and I have made you an admin so you can create accounts for others in your organisation see the instructions at the top of this thread and at the bottom of the front page on the wiki:

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please can you make me an account on the wiki?

I think you have one already so you should have a email with the password that was sent you on on 25th May 2020, you can also request a password reset here.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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I would also need to get an account

Hi All,
We have now migrated all the Wiki pages into Nextcloud and to the website.
@chris please can you shut down the Wiki?

If there is any desire to preserve the early history of this project I’d suggest simply updating it to say that it is no longer in use, if people want the content to disappear I can delete the site.

Content has been migrated to nextcloud.

I think it would be best to remove the wiki completely, so that we don’t have to worry about people stumbling on old content and taking things out of context - plus it should reduce our server load a tiny bit!

I’ve removed it from the DNS and I’ve set off an Ansible task that will remove the Apache configuration and MariaDB database, the files and a backup of the database will still exist on the filesystem of the shared hosting account and also I have put a static archive of the site here (interactive features such as search of the history of pages won’t work) with a robots.txt to prevent the likes of Google indexing it


maybe we should fwd to too ?

@chris can you fwd to please ?

I have created the and sub-domains and set them to redirect to

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brilliant - thanks Chris