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commons.hour session#8 - Public-civic collaboration, coop incubators and stewarding digital infrastructure as a commons

Sophie Bloemen (Commons Network, European Municipalist Network, ROSA - Right to the City Amsterdam)

  • 1 Designing new forms of public-civic collaboration
    Amsterdam City is working to collaborate not only with private sector, but also open up to public-civic partnerships
  • 2 Growing democracy in the economy, particularly in the digital domain
  • 3 Commons economy: an economic model to sustain collective initiatives
  • 4 An Amsterdam incubator for platform coops, with the city and linked to the platform coop coalition.

Screenshot from 2021-09-06 13-20-43 23 May 2022 (Fourth Monday). Gathering starts 17:00 UTC, closes at 18:00. (i.e. 18h BST, 19h CEST, 13h EDT)
Extra time runs from 18:00 for half an hour, for offers & wants, informal check-in and organiser-chat.

registration_form Please register for this event - knowing how many people intend to participate helps us decide our facilitation approach.
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Screenshot from 2021-09-06 13-20-58 The gathering is in the commons.hour room at meet. coop. For best performance, please use Firefox or Chrome browser, and a PC or laptop. The meeting will be recorded. If you wish to be anonymous you should join with an altered name, and leave your camera off.

Screenshot from 2021-09-06 13-55-18 Essential links

  • Background notes: xxx to be added
  • Discussion thread - Session#8 discussion Post-meeting links & resources (video recording, shared notes, take-home summary, etc) will be posted here. Feel free to open discussion on this topic at any time - even before the session would be great!

Wondering how these commons hour sessions are marketed?

We post each session announcement to: our ops members (Matrix), (where it gets several boosts), our membership (OpenCollective), Twitter (@wouter ‘s account), and by direct email to the commons.hour contributors’ list (many of these are in the now-forming Board), and a list of ‘new economy’ associates of Robin Murray (author of the 2009 Coops UK report Cooperation in the Age of Google).

More lists to add Graham? There are four regular sessions still to run, including the May session, plus three series ‘wrap up’ sessions focused more specifically on governance matters. The programme.

After that, six months down the line from now . . a review of commons.hour as an ongoing programme of coop-commons conversations. The present series was designed to support the internal process of developing a multistakeholder form within Many commons.hour contributors turn out to be incipient members of’s Board of stewards.

The overview of the series to date, including links to recordings, is here: Commons.hour - Overview - #8 by mikemh


I may well be late getting to this as I have an earlier call that I can’t miss.

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