Urgent business @ Product circle

Core items for this week’s circle meeting? First, division of labour/commitments of labour . .


  • an operational member takes responsibility for a defined sales action plan to reach out to their networks, presents meet.coop to them, discusses the details and onboards new members, follows up over time.
  • we could have geographically oriented sales teams, say femProcomuns focuses on Catalonia; Free Knowledge Institute focuses on The Netherlands, so when expressions of interest come in from a certain region/country/network, the sales team from that location steps in. Possibly there could be overlaps and several operational work together in one sales team

Second, product specification and user expectations . .

@wouter From a quick business plan calculation ballparking exercise we need to grow quickly to 100-200 members bringing in over 100k€ annually to make this effort viable. We can only do that if we stay 200% focused on the absolutely minimum viable product, sell, and have effective operations.

Third, partnership-making and solidarity?

@wouter Maybe the collective platform we are building up results more complex and requires more time that we had initially expected?

This could be true. That’s why I tried to put all the complexity into the draft purpose-descriptions in this draft ‘one-pager’ doc. We are unable to do all these things right now, with available contributions . . but we do need to know the scope that needs to be handled - so we can see just how minimal our ‘minumum viable’ choices are right now? Our strategic core users need to be told clearly what they can expect short-term as distinct from longer-term? And thus, what kind of medium-to-long term work it is that they are supporting, with immediate contributions?

This is not just ‘sales’ effort for us, but also strategic partnership making? We’re recruiting supporters, not only customers? We should be open about precariousness, as the system-challenge we confront at this time? And thus, on that basis, solicit operational contribution - labour hours - as well as Open Collective financial contributions as forms of solidarity. I sense that many of those who want to become members would welcome this honesty?

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Important sysadmin choices being made @ Technology circle . . Purpose of the Technology Operations circle

Meeting agenda is here https://pad.disroot.org/p/productcircle

Social.coop wants to meet Product circle members to discuss mode of membership, and service levels. I posted a link to a date poll in the circle’s Element room - dates in August /early Sept. Circle members, do please check in.