Weekly progress meeting Wed 10/June

We agreed to hold our weekly meeting this Wednesday, an exception to the traditional Thursdays. On Thu and Fri we’ll celebrate the OPEN2020 Conference so better do our rehearsal and final preps the day before.
Here’s a draft agenda: https://wiki.meet.coop/wiki/10th_June_2020 Please suggest what has your priority.

Meeting room: https://ca.meet.coop/b/wou-cyy-wpt


Ah sorry I have just realized… Hope everything will go well today!!

Oops just saw this, read thru notes and looks like a productive meeting. Here are my async updates:

  • Congrats on the progress made to get the BBB instance ready for OPEN 2020 in such short time, I haven’t participated much in that effort, but following the threads it looks like we learned a bunch, and I know Elon and Yurko have been following the git threads and also trying to recreate an instance based on the ansibles

  • I had a meeting with Diego, an organizer of Dat CCE (this is the community ecosystem side of the Dat/Hypercore protocol), they currently have open meetings (~15 ppl) every two weeks on Zoom and an upcoming event end-July of similar size as OPEN 2020. Event details in our meeting notes. They are exploring a couple options, including some friends in Berlin that can run their own BBB instance, but the idea of a Meet.coop membership where they can host small and frequent meetings, but can scale up to handle 100+ people events occasionally, seems like an attractive option. We will have a follow-up later and perhaps we can join one of their upcoming community calls

  • In the next two weeks, I plan to have a couple more of these meetings with event organizers and will post notes here with their permission, and having some data from OPEN 2020 would be useful

  • I have been discussing an in-beta feature with Alanna from Open Collective that is based on Transferwise. When a person (or company) submits an expense they can choose their country and they will be paid in that currency, regardless of the Collective’s currency. Money is paid from the fiscal host’s Transferwise Borderless account, which has very low exchange fees and rates. This also allows direct bank deposits as a payment method, in any country served by Transferwise (which is most countries) without needing the recipient to have a Paypal account. In my opinion this makes OC a very attractive option to receive recurring payments and distribute money in a transparent fashion (how much is paid to OC, to the fiscal host, and flow of money is all clearly indicated). I think we can explore this further

  • Hypha folks are currently tracking time in our internal Clockify and I will investigate moving that data to Kimai and provide updates on this thread

Hi @benhylau, thanks for your comments. Good work on getting other org’s with events on board and what you mention about OC sounds interesting.