Weekly progress meeting

As usual on Thursday we have our weekly progress meeting, starting at 15:00h CEST.

Please indicate whether you’re planning to join the meeting, by rating this post or a reply and raise any issues or priorities you consider.

see you tomorrow!


I’ll be there! (And this post needs to be 20 chars long).


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I have added this meeting to the events calendar and also enabled the RSVP feature so people can tick the “Going” link above to indicate that they will be there.


Hey I can’t make tmr’s meeting, so will send an update here:

  • updated wiki to commit 40h of Hypha contribution to meet.coop
  • tks @chris for setting up our email forwards, confirmed that my meet.coop account works
  • I am starting to reply back to conference organizers who pinged me before to get clarity re: their events, and hope to report back this info in our next week call, I am thinking to ask these pls let me know if other important info I should gather
    • date and duration
    • format of conference
    • expected participants
    • number of video and audio streams
    • number of breakouts
    • recording needs
    • budget for videoconferencing

thanks @chris, the Event calendar seems very useful.!

@benhylau wonderful for Hypha’s commitment and mobilising events towards meet.coop!

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