20022-07-13 No Audio conference capability (ICE issue)

Several users attempted to join multiple conference rooms - all are receiving an ICE error, so there is no working audio for anyone. It seems this may be the appropriate thread to place issue reports. I sent an email to contact@meet.coop, but I still really have no idea if this is where/how to start a support request yet or not (the customary support@meet.coop does not exist). As I understand it, one person at any given time is monitoring this email address.

While I have the email address of individuals in meet.coop, it does not seem appropriate I should use those - I want to know what the support is like for people we’ve been trying to refer to this service, not for people “in the know”, so I’m trying here as my second ping.

I’m curious too - is anyone else getting this? I’m surprised not to see other reports (or even "me too"s) whenever we have serious issues.

Thank you!

This is re: ca.meet.coop - still occurring.

Thanks for reporting @wolcen. You did well to report to contact@ - our support desk. The forum right here is also perfect.

More people confirmed the issue. Last night our tech.circle started to work on it, but apparently couldn’t solve it yet. We hope to have positive news soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks, @wouter. The ca instance seems to be fully functional at this time.

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Last night we traced traced the issue through the turn server down to BBB and found out that freeswitch was not behaving.

This morning we finally found the issue. Seems the freeswitch’s database was corrupted and it was not behaving as it should.

We have repaired the issue and should be functioning again.