A new platform co-op for collaborative tools

I have cross posted this event from the Open.coop site in order to add it to the calendar on this forum.


OPEN 2020 is being run using open source tools, managed by a new platform co-op, meet.coop.

But how should this co-op, and the common tools it provides to its members, be stewarded and governed to best effect?

Following on from the first session on The tools of collaboration this second session addresses governance and stewarding in a collaborative commons.

The session will review a number of established forms of governance for distributed resources on the web. A panel of speakers with experience of various forms of governance will present ideas, success stories and failures to provide background and inspiration to inform the development of meet.coop. In breakouts, participants will be invited to share their ideas about the kind of relationship they would want to have with a commons of digital tools.

After conference close, threads in The Open Co-op Loomio will continue to assemble contributions on issues and actions from both sessions.

Registration is required so please book your tickets now and come ready to collaborate.

This is our chance to co-create the future we want, together!

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This is a session I’m convening. Do contact me if there’s anything you want to discuss - process-wise or content-wise.

@osb is keen on this session too, and has boosted the emphasis on meet.coop and future commons governance. So there’s something at stake here for this collective?

Let’s discuss this session, and the partticipation of meet.coop in it. Starting today in the weekly meeting?

The storyboard for this session is part of this document https://notepad.diglife.coop/s/rk3LqJrhU#