About the How-to use category

How-to use subcategory includes topic threads with queries about how to work with the user interface of meet.coop platforms. For example, in BigBlueButton

  • using the mic
  • recording a session
  • using the whiteboard
  • downloading recordings (mp4 options etc).

It sits under the Help category, and carries a tag Timeframe-now.

This category is the responsbility of Tech circle

Also: use this category for enquiries on suitability of various service-level packages for particular situations - conferences, large groups, video streaming, etc. In this case Product circle is responsible.

Maybe this should be merged into FAQs. On the other hand, this category is intended to address the most immediate kinds of questions new/non-geek users might have. FAQs is more of a reference source?
Also, this category includes discussion threads, FAQs is specifically for official Product circle postings.