About the Member reports category

Member reports includes public reports on user experience (positive or otherwis) in any of meet.coop’s spaces (platform spaces, media spaces, venue spaces), It sits under the News/reports category and carries a tag Timeframe-now.

Posted by Entire community. Includes experience in:

  • BigBlueButton, Discourse, membership signup thro OpenCollective, single sign-on (platform spaces)
  • the Forum, the handbook (media spaces)
  • participation in commons.hour, participation in the General assembly (venue spaces).

Monitoring the category is a responsibility of Product circle.

Postings might include any or all of . .

  • introduce briefly yourself or your organisation
  • describe how you’ve been using meet.coop
  • describe what do you like about meet.coop
  • describe what you lack or would like to see improved or more of
  • suggest activities you would like to (co-)organise, offer help to other members or the community in general

If you have trouble feedback for issues or incidents, needing direct response, you are encouraged to use this other category: Fault report