"Accept" button sometimes rejects

Hi all, I have a de.meet.coop room set up with “Require moderator approval before joining”, which makes a small menu appear with the possibility of approving or rejecting guests.

It has happened to me several times in the past that I click “accept” and the person does not join. Today I got confirmation from the other side that they were rejected (captions in Spanish, but you can see 403 error)


I am 100 % sure that I clicked the correct button, and also this is not the first time it happens.

I will have to deactivate this functionality since otherwise I’m making a bad impression, but wanted to let you know otherwise. Has anyone experienced anything like that before? Is there a way to know what version of Greenlight/BigBlueButton is de.meet.coop running?

thanks @astrojuanlu for reporting this issue. I’ve set this out to our tech.circle and expect @dvdjaco or one of the team to be back to you soon.

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Hi @astrojuanlu I have investigated into this issue but cannot reproduce it.

The next time you see this happen again can you please let us know what time and day including the timezone so we can dig dipper into what happened.


Hi @elon, @wouter,

Today another client told me that they kept getting “invalid token”. It happened on Juan Luis office between 08:00 and 08:10 UTC today.

To clarify, the “invalid token” happened even though I have already disabled the lobby.

Thanks @astrojuanlu
We are still trying to see what causes this. I will update once we find the cause.