Accessibility for users using Screen Readers

I recently received some really great feedback from a blind user who shared her screen on a zoom call to demonstrate what it was like to try to navigate the platform while using a screen reader.

She expressed how was mostly REALLY GREAT and was impressed at how much more accessible it was than google meets for example. There were a few things that made it difficult for her to use, all of which she feels could be fixed with a few tweaks.

  1. the echo test: the screen reader will read the question as is but does not indicate what the user should expect. If the question read “This is an echo test. If you hear an echo, please click ‘yes’” it would be easier for the user to know what button to look for. Another challenge is the echo test is challenging with the feedback that happens with the screen reader. Perhaps it could be a button that is hit in order for the echo test to be initiated?
  2. once permissions have been granted for use of mic and camera in the browser, most of the rest of the interface is great! One small thing that would be helpful are headings for the chat box.

I think the echo test and the ‘permissions’ boxes are also challenging for non-English speakers to navigate. As the person who helped me understand their experience as a blind user said “when you make things more accessible, you make it more usable for everyone!”

I’m not sure if there is a way to change this or to give feedback to BBB but I think working towards making this platform more accessible to all individuals would be aligned with our cooperative values.


Hi @emisocialcoop lovely to see you here. It’s a relief to know BBB meets needs better than the mainstream platforms in some ways. And these concrete suggestions are very good to have, thanks so much.

It’s Autumn slack season right now, so unlikely to get a direct tech response on this. But if this thread hasn’t picked up in a month, come and prompt it again? Cheers.
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