All Hands 4 November 2021

This Thursday we’ll be having our regular, monthly All Hands!

Here’s a preliminary set of agenda items, feel free to add below. Last session: 7 Oct. And don’t forget to confirm that you are GOING :slight_smile:

:white_check_mark: Agenda

  • Volunteers for facilitator and note-taker
  • Check-in: go-round, 30s-1m on how you’re doing today
  • Brief Announcements, [write title of announcement here]
  • In the discussion about each circle, make sure we refer to concrete tasks [Task tracking ],

  • Distribution meeting: Q2 + Q3 (review spreadsheet):
    • round of comments
    • approve distribution
  • gather feedback for compensation framework review (also from commons.hour sessions)
  • October contributions: 1412 GBP
  • Membership update: new members include [World Heritage Catalysis(
  • possibility of bank transfers to P6?
  • Grants & development funding:
    • list concrete funding options
    • proposal planning
    • compile (and publicise) a wish-list for incremental funding of development - from commons.hour
  • changes from OC: incognito goes incognito (no email address sharing any longer)

  • monitoring performance of servers: make public? ways to facilitate support staff?
  • upgrade to BBB 2.3
  • next steps on our roadmap? Plan for SSO, loadbalancing, …?

Location: Main Meeting Room

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I’m running late, I’ll probably be there at half past. Sorry!