All Hands meeting 1st December 2022

Our next All Hands meeting is this Thursday 1st December.

Here’s a preliminary set of agenda items, feel free to add below. Last sessions can be found in the meetings category. Confirm that you are GOING :slight_smile:

All Hands meeting room: MEET.COOP MAIN MEETING ROOM

:white_check_mark: Agenda

  • Volunteers for facilitator, note-taker and task-updater :face_with_monocle:
  • Check-in: go-round, 1m on how you’re doing, short intro :speech_balloon:
  • Brief Announcements, add their keywords here :love_letter: Upcoming board of stewards meeting

Key topics - for action :boom:

  • Recruiting new members

    • report on membership, new sign ups, cancellations
    • new marketing lead: Pru Waldorf, welcome, questions, approach
    • what can we do to support Pru and our marketing strategy
    • upcoming events
  • Finances & Wages following new core team ‘regime’


    • upgrading of our BBB, collaboration with Agaric
    • clarification of process and timings for deploying dedicated and event servers
    • collaboration with Daniel
  • Work on the forum to support our community and our communications


    • report from Mike of the European Social Forum celebration in Firenze
    • dance of infrastructure
    • new commons.hour programme in the making
  • check-out: go round, brief feedback