All Hands meeting 2nd February 2023 is in a crisis situation, with the ops capacity spread too thin. We celebrate an urgent All Hands to discuss the way forward. All @operational_members and user members are welcome to join.

Thursday 2nd of February, 17:00 BCN time, is being solidified with further votes: 16:00 London time, 11:00 US Eastern time. So, see you in this room: European Meeting Room meet. coop european meeting room.

  • Check-in and hellos
  • Discussion on suggestion to fold operations Critical issues in - #21
    • Proposed options: (1) move existing members to Collocall (2) connect members to another multi-stakeholder co-op: Commonscloud/femProcomuns, MayFirst,
    • Other options for moving forward/bootstrapping
  • Considerations:
    • communications with members (generally)
    • communication with multi-user account holders
    • timing
    • Crash team, to see this through - who?
  • Learning from the experience: dance of infrastructure, faults in the libre software economic vision of voluntary contribution, creating commons of infrastructure?
  • check-out