All Hands Meeting

we meet at the Main Meetcoop Meeting Room:

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I’m just adding some meetings to the calendar otherwise I’ll forget them all and won’t show up.


Although, given just how fiddly it is to use this tool to create events, I’m very much in favour of using the calendering system in the Nextcloud instance (needs to be installed). It ain’t perfect, but it’s a damn sight better than Discourse. For example I can create a calendar and two-way sync it with my desktop calendaring app, enabling me to create and edit events for within my preferred calendering tool. The Discourse method feels pretty half-baked.

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I will add that to our tools

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I would like to spend 15 min to walkthru our proposed workflow with everyone at this meeting. Before then, I encourage everyone to set up their Nextcloud account and add the shared calendar to their favourite calendar app.

Did we change the time? I think it used to be 15:00 CEST/UTC+2 but now it says UTC+0?

It’s appearing in my calendar as 1400 BST (which I think is UTC/GMT +1). This looks to be the same time as previous ‘all hands’ calls that I have a record for (although I’ve only attended one of them).

Apologies @hng - I see now that you are referring to the event in this thread. That’s now been superseded by the new calendar that @benhylau has set up in the Nextcloud server. Please ignore the event in this thread and use the schedule in Nextcloud instead.

I believe the meeting is still 15:00 CEST at

List of topics I would like to discuss today on behalf of #organizational-operations: