Anyone else going to the Bigre conference in France?

Hi, I’m going to be at the Bigre conference in France on the 22-25th of August and would be fun if someone else from here wants to come along. It’s mostly in French but there’s an interesting international session in English on the 24th.

24- Digitalisation et coopératives: quelles perspectives en France et en Europe? // Digitisation and cooperatives: Prospects in France and in Europe
mercredi 24 août 2022 de 09:00 à 12:00

This workshop aims to create a space where participants from France and all over Europe can share their experiences and discuss the opportunities and challenges presented by the process of digitisation: digital transformation in cooperatives, digital governance, the creation and expansion of platform cooperatives, working conditions for platform workers, the impact of digitisation on cooperative workers, how to finance digitisation, multi-stakeholder partnerships for digitisation, etc.

Participants will have the opportunity to actively participate in discussions, offer their point of view and propose specific solutions to be shared.

In collaboration with CECOP, the European confederation of industrial and service cooperatives.