Audio/video files not being reproduced (mp3/mp4)

one of our members reported today that they cannot reproduce an audio mp3 file in our server. As the UI suggests, and the BBB support article explains, we should be able to play links to mp3 and mp4 files. But the UI says: “This video URL isn’t supported”
Screenshot from 2022-09-12 12-40-32

This is my reproduction of the error right now at CA server, but also at DE servers. Just for checking: sharing a public Youtube video does work.

Can check this asap please? Let us know. cc @Yurko @dvdjaco

I think this is “by design as” as a security precaution.

One should never expose an HTTPS (secure) connection with a non secure (HTTP) link.

Aside from the BBB Error, even if bypassed, there may be secondary browser security restrictions trying to access an HTTP site from HTTPS.

I don’t think this is the issue that the user was reporting, if I’m looking at the correct email. The user was trying to share an MP3 file, the player opened but didn’t play the file.

I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue. When trying to open a remote MP3 file I can reproduce it correctly, for example:

We should probably ask the user for the URL they’re trying to share and/or the exact URL they’re using.


URL in the share video screenshot is HTTP not HTTPS

HTTP/HTTPS issue referenced here:

I agree, if the link was different then it shows in the screen shot i may be a different issue.

makes sense. So when the member reported this to us he included that help link to the BBB site, where those example files are linked, without https(!). So I copied that to try it for myself. And, as you explain, it wasn’t meant to work. Then when I add the “s” in the URL then both the mp3 and the mp4 do work. Therefore we have been able to show that it DOES work, but that the error message is rather poor (it could have said something about the need to put in a secure URL), and also that the help page on the BBB site isn’t very helpful really.

I’ll follow up with the member.

I already did, sorry that wasn’t clear in my message!

If you are referring to the links, All links there are https.

The check itself does not check for http vs https exclusively but also if the URL is playable by the front end at all.