BBB installfest please 😄


So I have been trying to install BBB on my own server behind NAT with a fixed IP address and a domain name but always get stuck around SSL configuration, etc

Can we have something like an “Installfest” or something for BBB? If it makes sense, we can start with a fresh Ununtu 16.04 virtualbox image. (This is what I have been doing)

Alternatively, can someone just upload a VirtualBox image that is almost complete? (Meaning all we need to do is changing IP addresses, configure LetsEncrpt etc)

I have also been hearing about this ‘Ansible’ script thing - is it the case I can just “run it” on a fresh Ubuntu 16.04 server and it will do most of the installation?

Cheers :smile:

I started writing some Ansible to install BBB yesterday:

I have used a few existing roles to save time and I’ve so far worked through the install page in this tasks file, next I’ll look at the Greenlight install.

You should be able to get Let’s Encrypt working with a fixed (or even dynamic) IP address behind NAT, if anyone does want to try using the role I’m working on then copy the servers repo and edit the hosts.yml file and then try running the Bash script

If you are new to Ansible then this is a good place to start:

There are another 8 parts from Jeff Geerling after that and perhaps more will be recorded, I haven’t watched them all (I had the first one running in the background a few days ago and it seems very clear).

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