BBB on mobile operating systems

It seems that BBB works well on laptop/desktop operating systems but much less well on mobile operating systems - eg IOS and Android. Is this the case, and what expectations do we have that this will quickly change?

I was in a BBB meeting today (World Social Forum for Transformative Economies, commons movements) and some folks on Android (Chromebook) were having a hard time with audio devices and stability of BBB generally.

From my own experience with IOS (iPad not iPhone) I’ve abandonded attempts to use BBB on that device - even tho it would be v helpful. The handling of audio channels on that OS seemed especially flaky. And the app froze often in the browser.

If BBB isn’t reliable on mobile operating systems . .
a) We should warn people or their experience will put them off
b) We will miss a whole lot of potential users

Do you know which web browsers they were using and which versions of the browsers? My guess is that perhaps they are not on the latest versions?

The latest versions of Firefox or Chrome should be fine… I suspect it will be not be the OS that is the problem, but rather the old web browsers that are in use on these platforms…

I don’t know what browsers were being used. But my own flaky experience, in IOS on the iPad was with current versions of both Firefox and Safari.

Firefox told me it wasn’t going to work very well and suggested I use Safari. Safari kept falling over. I gave up.

Do you know which version of Firefox you were trying with?

If you visit this URL it will tell you the User Agent sting that your browser sends in HTTP requests:

Are you using Safari 13 or older? If so perhaps try with the Safari Technology Preview version?

I tried to dial into Hypha’s BBB today using my IPhone and I could not get sound at all. This happened last time as well.

I used the ‘Privacy Mode’ of Iphone just to make sure there is no caching issue - it didn’t make any difference.

So yes, there is some problem with IPhone. I want to do more research.