BBB Product Feedback

I thought I’d start a thread around product feedback for BBB – anything we might be able to change ourselves or just feedback we might want to pass on to the BBB dev team.

Delay on recordings

The thing I noticed from my calls last week: it took a few hours for a recording to appear in the “recorded sessions” section. I thought it was lost and was pretty frustrated; but then hours later it appeared. A suggestion would be to indicate upload progress / add a notice that it may take a few hours for recordings to be available.

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Video seems to stop, when using Chromium, anyone else experienced this?

Yesterday on Chromium browser, the video stopped playing for me, I could neither see myself nor the other participants. I tried closing down page and re-logging in but video did not appear again, despite clicking “Share Video”.
This happened again today.
A work-around was to open Firefox and log in from there, after that all was fine.

Do you want to see yourself?

Some people want to see only the other participants in conversations. I’ve heard that Zoom has a setting so that the video of yourself doesn’t show on your screen (shown only to the others). Can this be done with BBB easily please?

I think this is an important thread, so thanks @bumbleblue for posting it. There was a recent discussion that should be part of this, which I can’t find now! Shows the importance of having a clear structure to our discussions here on Discourse.

There was a thread in which someone found a list of changes that could be made to Greenlight: to mirror the user’s video for themselves, to enable a room to open without a presentation, to stop the ‘ding’ when turning your sound on and off… Other changes on that list of customisation might be useful too.

Also, I would like to see a description of in what circumstances BBB works best. Are there preferred browsers, and browser models? How best to use turning on and off sound and video to optimise the experience? The weakness of the sound is a serious issue in my experience, and I am hoping to be using it with users that aren’t strong technically. Or are we avoiding such users?


I agree with @garyalex that this thread looks valuable. Is this where members should post fault reports, possible bugs, development queries and usability whinges? Or does the Tech circle have another preferred Forum location already?

As we reach out more to our members, the amount of feedback will increase, and they need a place where they feel there is some dialogue going on with the tech team, rather than a black hole?

Audio quality is a pivotal thing. It’s apparent how many 100s of 1000s of VC $ have been invested in Zoom infrastructure, and their audio is a benchmark folks will tend to adopt. (‘Out of the box’ usability is another?) I suggest we need to make a clear statement about audio capability, in a visible location, and update it regularly as appropriate, so that members can stay with for all the right reasons, even if the audio isn’t always 100%.

Some folks with hearing trouble, who want to use BBB for principled reasons, can’t bcos it isn’t Zoom’s audio :frowning_face: Can we help them in any way?

This is perhaps not just a server tech issue, but also the kind of thing @georgiamoon / Simply Secure has an important contribution for?

Does Closed Captioning work please?
The video explainer about Close Captioning,
[from Videos - BigBlueButton

" Live Closed Captions: A stenographer can now enter live captions. The product supports live captions in multiple languages…" ]
at point 00:03 shows a button marked “+” … and the pop-up menu includes:
“Write closed captions”
But when I click this button, this option isn’t there.
I only get 3 options - poll / presentation / external video
Why is this please?
Many thanks

Hi Jonathan,

the Closed Captioning option was moved to the “Manage users” menu: