Bye for now! I will switch to another project 😄

After spending many months brainstorming with some folks from JWCU, the largest worker coop in Japan with something like 15,000 members, I now think we need better video conferencing software designed for easy customization and extension.

The large coops seem to need both features and reliability that seem difficult to achieve with the currently available free software toolset.

If JWCU provided valuable functional requirements, revealed the operational requirements - the ideal software would should allow for plenty of load testing, monitoring, etc.

I want to experiment with a software design with an emphasis of easy customization, installation, etc, and lends itself to what I may call as “crowd programming”. I am thinking of using Intel WebRTC and NixOS as a starter.

I hope to see you all again soon!!



Hi @Yasuaki, you could be starting from the ground up based on the best building blocks, which is what the BBB project has been doing AFAIK. In any case, I hope you continue to be part of and we can enjoy your participation whenever you can make it. Hopefully we’re rowing all in the same direction.

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Hi @wouter, yes I would like to become active again in the future and yes, you are probably right that BBB chose its components for a reason.

Specifically, I am interested in, to use the jargon, MCU/SFU audio/video mixing components. From what I read, BBB uses FreeSwitch for audio and Kurento for video. I really want this part to be very configurable.

My friends over at JWCU really wanted Zoom-like experience where they will see up to 24 faces per page (and page-able) with aggressive framerate culling, depending on the quality of the line.

Again, this is just what I read but Intel WebRTC, which does both MCU and SFU, was proprietary before and it is now open source? I have not verified this beyond this but would like to see if its easy to compile, etc.

I will let you all know if/when I make progress :slight_smile:

All the best with your project @yasu! And if you end up back with BigBlueButton let us know! :slight_smile: To my understanding no one from us has taken a deep dive into BBB development yet.

The page-able feature was actually just added to BBB with the latest release 2.2.23:


I don’t know about “Intel webRTC”, but webRTC as such has been open source under a free license for years, like is using it ( etc. But I guess you’re onto something deeper! Will be good to stay in contact. Cheers!


My huge assumption, to be tested :grinning: , is that WebRTC is an evolving set of “protocols”, just like how web browsers evolved around the various web standards and initiatives.

There are a few projects, jitsi included, that track or drive this protocol, just like there are webkit, chromium and firefox browser “cores” that are used by variously named web brwsers.

My aim is not to develop those standards, of course :grinning:, but to attempt a very “tinkerable” packaging system, based on Nix, to allow the community to experiment with various application packages around the core components.

Yes, of course I would love to keep in touch!! :grinning:

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Thanks for your valuable contribution. Really useful to gain insight into the needs of a larger organisation like JWCU. I think we’re some way off being able to satisfy this type of client, but would be interested to periodically review progress using that list of requirements as a point of reference.

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I met my contacts in their office about a week ago and they were very interested in, collective tools, etc.

Some of them have move to the “public relations” dept. recently so I told them we should do “worker coop TV” :smile:

It would be awesome if we can do a “show” like (albeit this is about cars, I mean the spirit :smile:) where we make IT system improvements using worker coop solutions.