has been down since Sunday morning

At least six hours now, from 10:30am eastern when we tried to hold a meeting through now.

504 Gateway Time-out


Hello? Anybody? It is still down!

Had a standing recurring meeting I host on with a number of other folks. Service was down at 7:30pm EST on 3/18/24. Was pretty embarrassing to have to pivot to discord at the last minute, honestly. Been having a lot of inquiries with this crowd on why I dont use Discord as is. Any status updates on this?

this is still being investigated. Some logins are getting a 504 unavailable error, while others get access. Our sysadmin @gcotnoir sees the site available and with several current users.

Some weird geography occurring perhaps? Do these access problems have a region in common?

@gcotnoir reports this fixed. Problem with the Greenlight server.

Confirmed, works again like a charm. Thanks!