CIRCE membership report

Yesterday one of our members, the CIRCE collective, wrote us an email on their use of, and why they had stopped being members. As I think it interesting to share our experiences between us, I asked them (Karlessi) for permission to make it public on the forum.
First something about CIRCE: their name is an abbreviation in Italian that translates as “International Research Centre for Electric Convivialities”

They host online courses in conference rooms; we hope to see them back after the summer!

Here goes:


I'm carlo, replying for CIRCE

ehhh, yes, we had to stop the BBB, because our online classes
and courses came to an end for now

for our internal meeting needs, we use a small Jitsi on our own servers!

without the financial support of online classes-courses we can't afford
the BBB cost, that's all

the BBB service for us worked very well - BTW we recommend it
to people attending our courses, instead of other closed sources
"solutions" very popular such as Zoom etc., stressing the fact that is a cooperative infrastructure fitting well with our practices

the whiteboard was really appreciated! we have also a session of "the
daimon's game" [1] on BBB, but not in English - in Italian.

we plan to restart at least a few online work by Autumn 2021 - if so,
for sure we will be back supporting

we have also a number of recordings from BBB we'd like to
share, we're working on a peertube instance and we will share them after
editing [2], e.g.

many thanks to you and all staff for your great work!

and cu soon,

on behalf of C.I.R.C.E.

[1] The daimons’ game | C.I.R.C.E.

[2] we have other BBB recordings hosted by others BBB instances (not yet
edited, sorry), such as the, e.g.

Karlessi sent me the links in Italian for the interested (Il Gioco del demone)(research article in Italian: Il Gioco del demone).

It seems to me an interesting artistic exploration of appropriate technology, exposing platform dependencies of BigTech and helping people to play and get used to BBB and other ethical tools. When CIRCE resumes their activities, it would be good to announce their courses and events for the wider community. Maybe by then we can have a part of the forum in Italian as well :slight_smile:

On another front: there’s a shared interest in PeerTube, the video hosting platform that is part of the fediverse social network. At first, it maybe interesting for other members to share experience about this decentralised platform. Second, we could explore the options to facilitate downloads of videos to publish them on a PeerTube instance. Third, since recently PeerTube has added Live streaming videos to their capabilities. Now that has deployed a first experimental streaming service for the Cities for Change conference programme, we could test how it integrates with PeerTube.

Karlessi says about that:

AFAIK the main questions are transcoding computational resources on your
servers (e.g. you want different formats to be served at different
resolution, as it happens with youtube), and storage when you reach many
thousands of videos (to scale, probably the direction to look at is
Object Storage, also commercial such as )

friends of friends doing it since longer (Bruxelles):

Instance de PeerTube -

I recall that François from Dunia runs this PeerTube server and also offered to help. So I guess it’s a matter of testing it.