Circles - Basic income in Berlin

Co-rganiser of Circles, Ela Kagel, contributed early in commons.hour: Session#2 - Post-session links. The political economy of community organising in digital spaces - Activist commitments, livelihood, contribution, privilege. Here is current news …

We have been working hard on our Circles Berlin Pilot program to close the loops in our alternative economy. Check out our most recent video showing these circular local exchange loops with Circles.

Circles is a powerful tool for communities to provide each other with a basic income. For Circles to work, it requires strong community ties and a proactive commitment to creating value in the system by offering products and services in exchange for CRC.

One of the most important aspects of a sustainable economy is to close the economic loops. It’s vital for our business partners to create these loops by providing their supplies by using their CRC while offering their products in CRC as well. In this video, you will see how these economic circles work now in Circles Berlin Pilot Project.

Circles transformational-currency/basic-income/circular-economy initiative has posted a review of 2022. LOTS of exciting development, and lots poiised to launch out in 2023: