Cities for Change Forum

Let me forward you this invitation for three reasons:

  1. this is an online platform and forum for cities with a municipalist agenda, interested to drive the grassroots initiatives, feminisation of politics, doughnut economy, and commons and cooperative initiatives in the city. There are many shared values and shared social battles within the ecosystem.
  2. It’s programme team, part of the City of Amsterdam is member of
  3. they have contracted to provide a scalable dedicated BBB server with streaming options. We hope that their contribution will drive some of the improvements that several members have asked for.

Without further await… here’s the invitation, with kickoff this Friday at 13h CET, with Kate Raworth and others.

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You are invited. To change the city.

In cities across the globe a movement is growing that is committed to building a just, social and sustainable society. In streets, neighborhoods and districts all over the world countless people are working for a world in which the well-being of all takes precedence over the profits of the few. It’s time for these movements to come together. This will happen during the Cities for Change Forum, from March 26 to early June 2021. We welcome you to join!

Cities for Change is an international digital platform where residents, neighborhood groups, social organizations, NGOs, civil servants, administrators, scientists and social entrepreneurs from all over Europe come together. To share, to inspire, to connect and to collaborate. The power of our movement grows when we work together locally and internationally. In this way we can develop a new agenda for change and make today’s alternatives, tomorrow’s normal.

Change the world, start at the city

Cities For Change Forum

kick-off March 26, 2021 from 1 pm to 3 pm

From the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam with live conversations and pre-recorded videos. With, for and by residents, neighborhood groups, civil society organizations, NGOs, politicians and anyone interested. With keynote speaker top economist Kate Raworth (author of ‘donut economics’) about the urban economy of the future and the social side of the ‘urban donut’.

Register for free and look at

how does Cities For Change Forum work?

Cities for Change is an online, diverse and interactive event. You can follow tutorials and webinars, or listen to podcasts and lectures. You can participate in online debates, exchange ideas and sharpen your thoughts. You can meet Amsterdammers and other city dwellers in neighborhood conversations, panels and breakout rooms. And of course you can rewatch everything at a later time. Themes, tracks & topics are New Economy, Climate & Energy, Migration & Discrimination, Housing & Public Space, and Digital Democracy.

Sign up now and stay informed:

About the organization

Cities for Change is an initiative of De99vanAmsterdam. De 99 is a do and think tank that is committed to a just, sustainable and inclusive city by connecting inspiring people, ideas and initiatives from Amsterdam and other cities. De 99 van Amsterdam was founded by the Municipality of Amsterdam after it joined the Fearless Cities network. An international city network of progressive cities founded in Barcelona in 2016. Cities for Change is an initiative to connect the Fearless City movement with initiatives in Amsterdam and vice versa. The 99 van Amsterdam and Cities for Change are made possible by the Municipality of Amsterdam.

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Nice! :smiley:

Fingers and toes crossed!

I just registered. It’s actually the first instance of decidim I’ve registered on, which in itself is quite exciting :slight_smile:

As an aside, there was some good news about Decidim recently:

“The agreement establishes a financial contribution framework that serves as a scale for other national or international public bodies that wish to join in the future.”

Should hopefully mean the software is well funded going forward.


For clarity, let me add that the kickoff event this Friday won’t be through That means less stress for us, and gives the a few weeks to get the new server up and running :slight_smile:

And secondly, I confess: I’m working part time with the Amsterdam team for setting up their Decidim platform. The technical parts of that are dealt with by, masters of hacking and adapting that system to the team’s needs!

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