Community programme - Coop

Here we can discuss principles and practices in the coop economy. This thread can serve as a feed or gathering ground for the Coop principles & practices thread of discussions in the Community programme?

We would like to create a real economy, of material means of subsistence and wellbeing, in commons. This is where we discuss the practice, of how it works.

The overall Community programme thread is here Working as a community.

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Hi, about the coop principles & practices, to complement the 7 principles of ICA (specially the seventh, community oriented), we can take in account the open cooperativism proposals:

  1. oriented towards the common good
  2. governance models including all stakeholders (workers, but users as well, as cooperativists)
  3. actively co-produce immaterial and material commons
  4. be organized socially and politically on local&global basis, networked

Hola, sobre los principios y pråcticas cooperativistas, para complementar los [7 principios de la ACI] (especialmente el séptimo, orientado a la comunidad), podemos tener en cuenta las propuestas del [cooperativismo abierto]:

  1. orientadas al procomĂșn
  2. modelos de gobernanza que incluyan a todas las partes interesadas (trabajadores, pero también usuarios, ambos cooperativistas)
  3. coproducir activamente bienes comunes inmateriales y materiales
  4. organizarse social y polĂ­ticamente a nivel local y global, en red

Hi @Dvdgmz Yes. Also to consider, we have the extended DisCO version of the ICA/open cooperativism principles - 'OpenValue Cooperativism. So many labels and ‘brands’!

In our discussions I expect we also will want to explore the principles of the economy that an organisation participates in. So, going beyond the organisation, to the ‘mode of production’. The DisCO model, with ts orientation to the commons, is a step in this direction. Plenty of thinking to explore!

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