Community programme - Solidarity

Here we can discuss evolving working relationships across organisations in the open community. This thread can serve as a feed or gathering ground for the Solidarity thread of discussions in the Community programme?

The community of members comprises many kinds of organisations - Coops, civil-society collaborations, movement organisations, infrastructure providers, learning networks. This is where we discuss principles and aims of our collaboration, and actual wants and offers of mutual aid.

The overall Community programme thread is here Working as a community.

Here’s a link to a panel: The writings and legacy of Robin Murray Weds March 10th

Discussing the work and vision of economist-venturer Robin Murray. Pretty much all I’ve done in the past 3 years - including becoming involved in - has followed from the work and commitments I have in common with Robin. I worked with him on regional economy at the GLC in the 80s. He was a founder of Fairtrade, and welath from waste.Ten years ago he wrote Cooperation in the Age of Google. If he were alive, he would be promoting!

And here’s a training programme for network and movement building:

an intensive two-week training for experienced activists and organisers involved in movement level thinking and practice from across Europe.