Community programme - Toolstack

Here we can raise queries and give information, relating to the tools that we want to use or check out, as an open community of ‘organisers’ of many kinds, who share as one of our core ‘channels’. This thread can serve as a feed or gathering ground for the Toolstack thread of discussions in the Community programme?

Converging on a single universal set of tools is probably not going to happen - for numerous reasons. But it will be good to share as many common means as we can?

The overall Community programme thread is here Working as a community.

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In the scrolling threads of the Forum I feel it’s good to make items relatively brief, highlighting things. And maybe, to post a link to a separate document if there’s a fairly long text to share? I think HackMD is pretty good for this - a free online Markdown editor which publishes web pages.

An example Community development - A Community circle @ - HedgeDoc Don’t be confused by ‘Hedgedoc’ - it’s a rebranding of HackMD, same tool.

In our Community programme gathering earlier this week Sybille Saint Girons highlighted a tool that sparked interest. It’s a concept-management “intelligence” tool to use in meetings and discussion processes, and it makes simultaneous translations between languages. It’s called Idealoom. Conversence's IdeaLoom platform - Conversence and

Sybille offered to arrange a demo, soon. If you’d like to participate, please contact her directly here: email. Here is her French website but currently the contact form seems not to be working.

I think HackMD is pretty good

NextCloud works well for this too. Docs can be edited in OpenOffice or (my favourite) Markdown. I have a personal 100GB NextCloud, but members of MayFirst, for example, get free access to 5GB NextCloud bundled with membership. Plus the other NextCloud tools too, including calendars and forms.

Calling sysadmins . . does anyone feel inclined to host an instance of federated wiki? Code is here.

Not everybody feels at home with fedwiki, navigation confuses some. Myself, I love it, I feel it’s a great medium for presenting and collectively developing ideas. I can see ways it could form part of what people end up doing in the Community, if that evolves into a learning network. So, it would be good to have a wiki farm that members of the community can create sites on, under a domain name. I’m no sysadmin. Anybody up for this?

Of course, it’s outside the core of software. So I wouldn’t want to see this become an additional part of routine sysadmin load at this time. But if there was an enthusiast in the community, with a server . . ?

@osb may be developing an interest - fedwiki ¿does? have some affinities with Murmurations?

For the programme we need a landing page and present the various texts that are now in NextCloud. One option would be to develop this as a wiki. Let us explore in this post, we try to write it as a page, not so much as a personal post.


  • This can now be edited by all, at least the team
  • If we keep it publicly editable, would that be problematic? Probably not, as there is a history to see who changed what and it can be reverted back (please do check)
  • As a wiki page, it shouldn’t show an avatar icon at the left as it does with normal posts.
    ** Solution: Wouter just created a user called “nobody”, gave them a white pixel for its avatar, and transferred the ownership of this wiki post to nobody. Now you see nothing, well, a white pixel :wink:
  • We’d want to start a thread or category page with the wiki page, present the topic of that page and - if needs be, allow people to post comments underneath.
  • Or we could keep the wiki page and don’t accept comments: if someone comments, we suggest a thread or move that comment to it in case someone doesn’t follow our advice

Issues and questions as observed inside this wiki page (they might be better underneath as personal posts):
@mikemh - So . . how does this work then? Looks like, not so much a wiki site, but rather, a shared-editable-evolving post? OK.

@mikemh Yes- I’ll start thinking about a landing page. And about shifting to the forum rather than NextCloud, for public ‘publishing’. But it’s not obvious to me yet, that this kind of wiki post is the way to go about it. How d’you figure it would work @wouter ? Would we attach docs to this post? And would they be docs held in NextCloud as Markdown files, for example?

@mikemh I assume this post is editable for everybody? Which would make it unsuitable as an ‘official’ landing page, yes? Can a wiki post be made accessible to just a limited group of editors?

I made a somewhat more real example about the Format in this page: Session Format

using @nobody is one option, with a white, invisible pixel. Another option would be to use another new account I created: @wiki for now I added the videoscreen logo to it. Maybe it’s nicer to say “wiki” than “nobody”?

BTW I just activated the Form module inside NextCloud, that allows us to create forms and surveys with various question types. For picking dates one could create questions with checkboxes. Not as neat as Framadate, but better that this forum’s poll plugin. That said, the Forms in NextCloud would seem more useful for more elaborate questionnaires, and not the datepicking exercise. Framadate seems very well suited for that.