Contributing code to the development of the Big Blue Button core software

Are we set up as far as current personnel and capacity to contribute to Big Blue Button development?

If so we should get listed here

If not, and even if so, we should be developing a relationship with one of those companies!

This may be getting a little bit ahead of where we are but in the near future it seems very possible for current and potential members to raise money to contribute to BBB development. Ideally we develop in-house capacity to do that sort of work.


Checking out the BBB roadmap I note significant features yet to be restored to BBB, which previously were implemented b4 html5 replaced Flash. Makes me feel a whole lot more comfortable about future capability of BBB.Would be great if we can contribute to making BBB great again (oops who said that).

The roadmap features a product rationale too (designed for open learning, supporting five user roles) that might help us characterise our own (mostly different?) use cases in