Cool! Discourse has a BBB plugin

Maybe we want to use it?


We should have a play with it and also the Nextcloud plugin and it would be nice to provide a demo of all the plugins for potential clients to use however we can only provide this as a service to clients who have dedicated BigBlueButton servers because there is one API secret per server and this allows access to all the meetings on a server and we can’t let clients have this to add into plugins in their Discourse / Nextcloud / WordPress / Drupal / Moodle instances for privacy and security reasons.

So to scale something like this — having a dedicated physical BBB server per client — we would ideally be looking at buying systems such as this 8 servers in a 3U enclosure, based on the requirements for BBB it would work out at about £2k per server for the hardware cost alone (4 core 2.6Ghz CPUs and 16GB of RAM per server, bump this up to a spec that would be more sensible for a long term investment, 6 core 3.2Ghz CPUs and 32GB of RAM per node and it is more like £3.5k per server, £27k in total):

Screenshot_2020-06-23 Supermicro SuperServer 5038MR-H8TRF SuperServer

Of course second hand servers could be used but these take up a lot more space (1U each probably) plus they would use a lot more power…