seems to be down

I can’t ping or ssh in. @jimscarver can you take a look? Thanks!

I no longer have access since it is managed by others.

Thanks, any idea who we should ping?

This is not good. How can we offer a demo server, and not even know who the sysadmin is? Is a federation I wonder, or a fragmentation?

@mikemh, a few of us have root access to this server and we keep it upgraded and fix/debug issues. However there’s nothing we can do if the server is down.

This is a physical server that was kindly provided by Digital Life Collective last June. At that time @jimscarver was the person of contact but that’s not the case anymore, so I’m trying to figure this out.

I’m aware that this is far from ideal, but please have a little patience. As you know we’re currently operating almost exclusively on unpaid work, and a demo server is not a critical system.

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Pardon me if it felt like a criticism @dvdjaco that’s not what I intended. I hadn’t properly understood that it’s a matter of finding a person to power-up the physical server, rather than ‘admin’ it.

operating almost exclusively on unpaid work

Yep :frowning:

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Yikes, the machine was cancelled. I see the payment method had expired and the ball got dropped on updating it. I will let you know when it is back online. Sorry about that.

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No worries, just wanted to make it clear that this is important but not a critical system!

Great, thanks again!

Hey @jimscarver any news on this? Is there someone else I can ping? Thanks again!

Philip Sheldrake holds the keys to the coop credit card but has been unavailable. He should be back in action this coming week. Can you fix it @Graham ?

We provisioned another server for demo. Apologies for the delay and any data loss that may have occurred. A job change and relocation in the pandemic resulted in the long delay. We configured a slightly smaller server because of the low usage. Let me know if it is adequate.

Processor Core™ i3-2100 @ 3.10GHz
Ram 8 GiB
Bandwidth 1Gbit Port: 200TB Transfer
Disk 500 GB
Operating System Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic)

IPv4 Assignment #1:

no worries, and thanks again for providing the server for the demo!

IPv6 address to the demo server vlan.

Gateway: 2604:4300:a:34::1/64

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Just FYI, it’s still down and doesn’t resolve.

Someone just posted to Reddit a news story promoting this as an cooperative Zoom alternative ( It’s likely to generate some interest, so it’s a terrible time to have the demo server down.

Working on it! Thank you all for your patience.

Would it be possible to reinstall Ubuntu 16.04? BBB 2.2 doesn’t install as easily on 18.04.


Done. Ubuntu 16.04 loaded

Awesome, thanks! I’ll deploy it right away :slight_smile:

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The service is finally back online! Thank you all for your patience and specially @jimscarver for your help bringing it back. And thanks to for contributing this server to!

@osb can you add back the link in the website?

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