Dial in not working?

The few times I have tried recently the dial in has not been working for Canada?
Is this a temporary problem during the transition?

Yes, much apologies, our dial-up is not working currently :slightly_frowning_face: Subscriptions to dial-up accounts have expired, and can’t be renewed until our new operating regime settles down and a new account holder is nominated. Notifying @Graham at innovation.coop - one more for the to-do list Graham :roll_eyes: Hypha used to handle this. @Yurko will have contact details and subscription options/rates.

This is disappointing to learn.

@Graham I have another query about the dial-in service. I have a regular monthly coop meeting in meet.coop and one member who travels a lot often needs to connect from their phone. Often it would be most practical if they could use dial-in.

Is there an intention in the front-end team to resume subscriptions to the dial-in service, in the very short term? It’s not hard to do (just needs a new account holder to pick up the subscription that Hypha has previously been paying). But yes, this competes with other urgent front-end operations tasks right now, getting user-members’ channels and public communications clean and working nicely.

Copying other coop members @robert.best @3wc (wiki.cafe).

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Having only recently learned that the dial-in capability was non-functional, and having no knowledge of the cost of reinstatement or the level of demand/interest in actually using the facility, it’s fair to say that this is not top of my list.

I had hoped that someone with more knowledge on this than I might have helped to cast some light on the issue. In the absence of that I’ll endeavour to look into it.

In the interim I did think that it would be useful to either remove or better still modify the highly visible statement - when one is on a call - that effectively advertises the service. As yet I don’t know how to do that, but as it stands it serves only to create confusion and disappointment.

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@Yurko has information about the previous dial-in service and may have info about renewal costs (Hypha previously paid the subscription). They also will know how to amend the statement displayed inside BBB.

A decision to renew this experiment was not made, and the service has since expired when the funds ran out.