Directories / listings / sites to be at

This is a wikified entry where we can all contribute to to make better known. [temporarily filed in internal thread, but should be moved to public thread here]

Table to file directories / listings / sites where should be at.

Listing Type Short description Registration form Who’s on it Next step
Librehosters network Directory a network of cooperation and solidarity that uses free software to encourage decentralisation through federation and distributed platforms Add JSON file to the gitlab repository Suggested here Create the JSON file and make a pull request


  • edit an existing line in the table, and in case of doubt, simply comment your suggestions in the thread below and someone else can edit the table for you
  • add a new line in the table by copying another one, like this one: | | | | | | | and put content between the brackets
  • check info about creating tables with markdown in Discourse forums

There are several Delightful directories, like this one: Delightful Libre Hosters
I just added a request to add to the list.

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And of course we need to be (back?) on the murmurations directory! @osb told me recently they’re on a new version now, that makes peers who post their initiative/profile right on the domain of that initiative more authoritative. In other words: we should post the murmurations profile file about inside our website.

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