Discourse email notifications down?

today I was alerted that people are not receiving email notifications from our Discourse forum. People who have just registered don’t get the validation email; mentions are not sent by email, etc. I have checked myself and the last Discourse email notification that I’ve received is from June 12th AFAIK.

@chris could you check what’s wrong? thanks…

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Could you check this out @chris thanks. We’ve a new friend we want to chat with who can’t create a login bcos he gets no confirmation email.

Sorry about this, I missed the notification… :roll_eyes:

I have done a fair amount of work on our Discourse Ansible role recently and I should be able to fix this by running this role this later this morning.


I just saw email notifications arrive in my inbox, so I suspect you have solved it @chris THANKS!

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Just wanted to share that, yesterday, I experienced a delay of several hours from logging into discourse for the first time and receiving the email to confirm my account. I’m all good now, though.

Thanks for feedback. Sounds like you may have logged in before the problem was fixed. But all clear now it seems! Welcome to our slightly imperfect but aspiring community :wink:

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Thanks, it’s quite cozy!