Erratic Recording Behaviour

@benhylau we have an urgent issue with a missing recording on BBB. We have a room CC - Weekly Checkpoint where we recorded about 45 minutes of an important demo. On returning to the account page I see 24 sessions and 0 room recordings. It’s very important that we recover this video material. Please could you have a look and try to find it?

The availability of the record button seems to be erratic / unpredictable too. We take care to set the permissions for recordings ON in room settings, but sometimes on some rooms the record button does not appear, even if we all exit the room and re-enter.

In the case of this latest recording, the button was on, and pressed and then paused at the end. On exiting the room we expected to see the vital recording in the list. but got ‘This room has no recordings’ unfortunately.

This issue is a deal-breaker for us, sadly. Is there anything you can do to help?

We are about to move to the DE server to see if that helps with our audio breakup latency issues (we had members from the US west coast, Australia and the UK on the last call), but it seems that will require new invites be sent to all our regular meetings - there seems to be no simple migration path.

Best regards to all

Please take a look at the logs for us: BigBlueButton : Recording

…and maybe bring us some good news?

Amazingly… the recording has now appeared… several hours later! Huge relief.

Just a small suggestion then…

  1. reassurance that a recording is ‘in process’ before it becomes available to avert user panic :slight_smile:
  2. …a bit more predictability on availability of the recording button. How can we ensure that it appears when we ask for it in settings?


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Yeah, I’ve hit this issue too. I was letting someone use my account to do an online learning event about how to write tests for Cloudron packages and we did a test and everything and everything went fine, but when it came to the acutal event for some reason the record button was not visible and we’ve no idea why. Luckily he had a backup record locally plan.

just FYI, in case it helps, you have to ‘end’ a meeting for recordings to be processed by the sever - to do this you need to go to the top right and click ‘end meeting’ - i.e. not just close your tab / browser… and then, depending on the length of the recording, it can take several hours to show up in the list of recordings because the sever needs to process the videos first.
Hope this helps?

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Hey @NickM sorry I missed this earlier. Sorry for the panic and lack of communication, somehow I didn’t see the email notification.

Yes when the server is backlogged on processing recordings, sometime it takes a while. I’ve had one that took more than 8 hours, and I thought I lost it, but it came up eventually. Yea I wish the UI would have some indication like Processing as well, but we aren’t making code changes to UI at the moment.

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@benhylau @osb
Apologies for being away from this forum for so long! …and thanks for the explanations about the recordings - we’re used to that now, so no more panic.

A couple of extra silly questions:

  • we have a Resonate board meeting tonight which may require more than 10 people than my subscription allows… is there a way I could bump up the attendance just for tonight (1900CET, 2 hours)?
  • with shared notes, if someone forgets to save them from a meeting, is there a file or link that persists somewhere so that we could recover them from the server somehow?

Don’t worry, it’s not hard capped. No changes necessary.

No. I recommend the facilitator to periodically copy out the notes in case the meeting accidentally gets ended. Alternatively you can take notes on another pad like cryptpad or hackmd.

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Thanks! @benhylau and @osb